Fireplace is an artist run cultural platform which principal objective is to promote creative exchange in the Barcelona context. With a program of events, walks, workshops and a work space, Fireplace focuses on the importance of art in a postdigital environment as a catalyzer for exchange of ideas and critical thinking.

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Our project pivots around the idea of the cultural institution as a shared workspace rather than a gallery of final results, stepping away from the museum-like gallery and looking towards the co-working office or the cafe as a model. Our aim is to generate a meeting point for professionals and cultural projects from the local context as well as with others from outside the city.   Fireplace is a project by Ángela Palacios and Quim Packard started in January 2015.


Fireplace is una plataforma cultural gestionada per artistes ab l’objectiu de promoure l’intercanvi de coneixement i creativitat en el context de Barcelona. Amb un programa d’activitats, caminades, tallers i un espai de treball compartit, Fireplace se centra en la importància de la cultura en una era post digital com a catalitzador de canvi i pensament crític.

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El projecta gira entorn de la idea d’institució cultural com a espai de treball i no tant com un aparador de resultats finals, busca allunyar-se del model d’espai galeria/museu i aproximar-se més a l’espai de coworking o cafeteria com a referent dinàmic. Fireplace vol construir un punt de trobada entre professionals i actors de la cultura en el context local i internacional. Firplace és gestionat per Ángela Palacios i Quim Packard i va començar el gener de 2015.