Efecte Vora

IMG_5269davkayak1-jpegLa Ilustración Española y Americana 30 9 1901 inundacio Llobregatrf46976Còpia de DSC07804

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Efecte Vora was a guided tour through the park of the Delta of the LLobregat river in the Barcelona area. The project consist in placing a series of actors dressed with strange leaf ghost costumes whom emitted a voice that explained the particular political, historical and ecological situation of the area. The ghosts traced connections between the water system of the nearby Barcelona city, the viruses that ounce infected the whole area and the visitors daily routines.  The tour was accompanied by five audio tracks. The first and last where songs played during the bus ride to the area and the three others where recited poems played through the costumes of the ghost.

The project was made in collaboration with sound artist PLOM and with the suport of UNZIP the Prat Visual Arts Program.


Efecte Vora va ser una visita guiada a través del Parc del Delta del riu Llobregat en la zona del Prat del Llobregat. El projecte consistia a situar diversos actors disfressats de fantasmes que emetien a través d’un altaveu una veu que explicava les particularitats històriques, polítiques i ecològiques de la zona.
La veu dels fantasmes traçava una connexió entre el sistema de l’aigua de la ciutat de Barcelona, les malalties que havien infectat la zona i les vides diàries dels visitants.

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